About Us

At Transect we understand the gaming industry inside and out. Born out of a passion for helping businesses thrive, we built a team of gaming legal experts and industry veterans. 

After witnessing countless businesses struggle with licensing, payments, website content, and keeping up with changing laws, we knew there had to be a better way. We envisioned a company dedicated to guiding gaming operators towards seamless success, no matter how confusing the system might be.

With our intimate knowledge of gaming legal complexities and a passion for helping businesses thrive, we built a team of industry experts and launched Transect. Our leadership team combines decades of gaming law experience, operational know-how, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We live and breathe this industry and have walked in your shoes.

Our Values


At Transect, integrity and trust are everything.

We deliver on our promises and commitments.
We are accountable for our actions and advice.
We build relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.


We prioritise transparency and accountability.

We communicate openly and honestly with our clients about their projects and progress.
We share our expertise and knowledge with our clients in a clear and concise way.
We are transparent about our pricing and billing practices.


Speed and efficiency are incredibly important to us.

We respect our clients’ time and value their schedules.
We meet our deadlines and deliver our projects on time.
We are responsive to our clients’ needs and inquiries.